Sunday, 22 January 2012

First Post.


This is my first post and I can say I'm very excited to start blogging regularly. I thought i would start off by writing about something fresh in my mind which would have to be a video game i just finished called Darksiders.

A single player action-adventure game, you take on the role of War, one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. From the very beginning you are thrown into a battle scene. Flung (literally) into a destruction ridden city War and the player are left confused and made to fight their way past violent creatures and demons to try and gather some sense.

The controls for this game are incredibly basic, one button to attack with your big 'f**k-off' sword, one to attack with a secondary weapon and the shoulder buttons used for locking-on, using special items and generally most projectile attacks. This is really what stuck out in my mind about this game, the controls were as old school as God of War but had the capacity to pull off moves akin to the old Legend of Zelda titles. Once all the primary mechanics are introduced the system doesn't change for the rest of the game, but still manages to impress. What does progress are the moves that are controlled by these simple buttons, one purchase is all it takes to make a systematic double tap of 'attack' into a room clearing whirlwind of slaughter.

The style and look of the game impress. There isn't a huge focus on them but they come through whether in the styling of the menus and cut-scenes or the slow reveal of the diverse vistas. The graphics don't disappoint.

Few games entice me to repeat for the simple sake of a few Trophies/Achievements but Darksiders is one such game. Standing it next to the uncharted series in my mind, not to suggest that they are similar games at all (except maybe for the puzzle elements).

It's safe to reveal that a sequel is left possible (and is confirmed) at the end. I will certainly be picking up that sequel, probably near enough to launch. While War was a broody but fun character to play the role of, the famous horseman Death should prove much more exciting. I can't quite say the same for a 3rd and 4th installation mind you, not that I don't have faith in the developers. But I just can't see Famine and Conquests' characters coming off quite as bad-ass as Death and War.

Right then! My first post, I hoped it was worth a look. I doubt that I'll be focusing too much on games in the future so i don't think this reviewing thing will become a habit. I'm also looking for some like-minded blogs to get into as well so if anything i say catches your attention then i'll probably be interested in reading what you have to say!


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  1. You have potential!
    I think you will be a great blogger!
    I am one of your first fans to follow you!