Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Music Post.

Maybe it's a bit too soon for a second post. But what is a normal frequency of new blog posts anyway?


I've been listening the heck outta these guys the past few days. I don't usually tell people that i'm a fan of one particular style of music but these guys and this sort of sound really makes me want to dedicate a part of myself to Stoner Rock.

I'll just embed this video right here. Go ahead and have a listen. The thing that sets this kind of music apart is the way it just punches out heavy, deep tones from start to finish but with just the right finesse that it sounds great. Some might listen and think this is just lazy, drop C on a guitar and slap the strings and you have that sound. True, you'll get a familiar sound, but every song by these bands (Truckfights, Fu Manchu, The almighty Kyuss) stands on it's own two legs outside of that fact. The riffs are tentatively extracted from the blaring noise and are always a feature. The Drums and Bass work to make each songs rhythm entertaining by complimenting not only the lead, but each other as well. The Drums can be left to take the role of a bridge just as easily as the Bass and Guitar could. What i'm saying is no instrument played goes unnoticed.

I play Guitar myself and the Truckfighter song Helium 28
(the end) just made me want to drop what i was doing and go play. The whole acoustic aspect to Stoner Rock (Desert Rock) really gives the good bands of this genre a pedestal to stand on.


Where's the Stoner rock community of the blogosphere? Give a shout!

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  1. Not bad. I like the cover art or what that picture is. Not the one with a topless man, but the other one, the drawed one. That looks neat.